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About Us.

The idea & purpose of Meliora is to provide a clear pathway for young Australians to become elite professional footballers. A three-phase plan is used to implement the idea & purpose, with that being ‘Introduce. Develop. Provide.’


The first phase Introduce is to help promote football to the next generation all over Australia, with the use of Introduction to Football Clinics.

The second phase Develop is all about helping promising young players to progress technically, tactically & physically to be able to compete at the elite footballing level. This is done through Online Development Programs, and a Football Academy.

The final phase Provide gives all young footballers the opportunity to express their talent in front of club representative coaches and agents through Elite Player Football Camps, and annual Overseas Tours & Trials.

 Meliora is Australia's leading football pathway because of the high-caliber coaches, trainers, and scouts that are constantly working with players to help fast-track their development. Along with the abundance of high-performance products that help to transform the players into elite football talents, opportunities both nationally and internationally are provided to those who excel beyond their years. Meliora is the only clear pathway in Australia to becoming a professional footballer.

Meet the Team

This is the Meliora team that helps Introduce young Australians to the game of football, Develop young players into elite footballers, and Provide opportunities to elite football players.

Get to Know Us

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